Weaving SEL, Character Ed, and Relational Strategies together to Create A School Culture that Cares.


Clock Hours will be Available


"I’ve been going to conferences & trainings for 20+ years, and this one was absolutely the best I have ever attended."
-Marty B., Asst. Principal, Tahoma HS

What Is This Training About?

Our team of presenters have spoken to a combined 700 schools or events across the country and have decades of experience in and out of the classroom. 

This training delivers the best inspiration, practical tools, and systems we've seen or developed along the way that create great culture through SEL, character education, classroom management techniques, student leadership programs, and relationship-building strategies that are critical to success in today's educational landscape.

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." -Peter Drucker

We know that you have a lot on your plate, so we provide a framework, resources, and step-by-step process to weave character, SEL, and compassion into what you are already doing.

Our promise: You will go back to your role realigned with your purpose and prepared to create a community of staff and students who care about their work, their education, and each other.

What's Included?

  • Dedicated time to yourself or with a team to focus on serving your students and your school with profound purpose and through data-driven resources.
  • In-depth training on a servant-leadership model used successfully in schools and Fortune 500 companies globally.
  • Instructional techniques on how to build a sustaining character-based program that gives heart to what you're already doing and an intentional approach to change the climate of your school & students lives from the inside out.
  • A variety of plans on how to effectively weave SEL and character ed into your school through advisory/homeroom, student leadership, and staff development.
  • Numerous resources, classroom management tools, and experiential learning activities that intentionally connect the servant-leadership model and key leadership principles taught in the CharacterStrong Curriculums.
  • For those purchasing the Leadership or Advisory curriculums - a walkthrough of the lesson plans and how to teach them effectively.
  • A workbook that includes reference materials, lessons, and notes.
  • Lunch and snacks.
  • 10 clock hours will be available for purchase, $2 per clock hour

May 19 - Orting, wa
Orting High School


August 18 & 19 - Kennewick, wa
Chinook Middle School

Saturday 8:30am-3:30pm, Sunday 8:30am-12:00pm
Register By 8/3 And Save 20% With Discount Code: KINDNESS

August 18 & 19 - Lake Stevens, wa
Cavelero Mid-High School

Saturday 8:30am-3:30pm, Sunday 8:30am-12:00pm
Register By 8/3 And Save 20% With Discount Code: KINDNESS

Don't Just take our word for it, hear what others have said:

"Over my 11 years of teaching, I have seen an increasing need for something more in education. It is no longer enough just to teach our educational content, we need to educate the whole child and shape better human beings. CharacterStrong is the best way of going about this, I have seen to date."

- Ashley G., East Valley High School

"I’ve been going to conferences and trainings for 20+ years, and this one was absolutely the best I have ever attended. The timing and structure was great. Thanks to you and your team for making it meaningful, relevant, and engaging."

- Marty B., Tahoma High School

"I have been in education for 25 years and found this training to be of extreme value. The material provided, activities created, and opportunities for interaction were well balanced and catered to all learning styles. I believe the information is applicable, and needed, in all schools, at all levels. Thank you for an invaluable experience."

- Teri C., Glacier Peak High School