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Ethan Crowell

Kindness is a practice

Ethan Crowell is a middle school principal in Katy, TX and he loves it! Ethan holds a Doctorate from the University of Houston in Professional Leadership and a Masters from the University of Texas at Arlington in Humanities. With 16 years experience in public education as a teacher, coordinator, and administrator Ethan has a great deal of lived experience working with teens and teachers. His campus chose to pursue Character Strong because of an awareness that there is a huge gap in what the education system does for teens in developing good habits, self advocacy and personal leadership. Social-emotional learning is the solution students need to increase social skills, self awareness, and positive outcomes in school and life. Ethan shares his space and his life with his wife Julie, Lucy a six year old that runs the house and a very demanding schnauzer. In his spare time he writes short stories, and rides motorcycles.