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Remember to register early to qualify for discount rates. We are so excited to work together in building out a more safe and positive school culture.

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Early bird pricing ($30 discount) is available up until 5 days prior to the conference date for Educator Conferences. The conference will not be recorded and must be attended live. If for some reason you are unable to attend live, please let us know beforehand and we can transfer your registration to another staff member or provide a full refund. I Want to Register
CharacterStrong Educator Conference

Who Should Attend?

District Leaders, Building Administrators, School Counselors, and Teachers.

CharacterStrong Professional Development

Professional Development

Our team of presenters have spoken to a combined 1000 schools or events and have decades of experience in and out of the classroom.

CharacterStrong Step by Step

Adaptable Framework

We provide a framework of resources and a step-by-step process to weave SEL, character, and relationship-building, into what you are already doing.

What Does an Educator Conference Look Like?

A FULL 1 or 2 Day interactive experience that provides the tools and framework to effectively build a safe and positive campus culture. We focus on the "how-to" of weaving social-emotional learning and character development into the daily fabric of your school. One part professional development, one part personal development - it will be one of the most meaningful and practical trainings you've ever attended.

I am a Mental Health Therapist and have worked in schools for over 40 years. I have seen the desperation, decline and hopelessness upfront and personal. This has given me hope that we can help change things.


Director of Student Supports

I have been in education for over a quarter of a century and this is, hands down, the BEST training that I have ever been privileged to be a part of. This presentation allows for professional and more importantly personal growth. VALUABLE BEYOND BELIEF!

Pam Roh

Wisconsin Educator

I believe it is no longer enough just to teach our educational content. We need to start educating the whole child and shape more compassionate human beings. To date, CS trainings and curricula is the best way of going about this.

Ashley Griffith

E. Valley HS

Want to Bring a Training Closer to You?

We would love to make your District or State a CharacterStrong Training hub.