The CharacterStrong App is designed by students for students. Over 6,000 students across the country are currently using CharacterStrong to challenge themselves every day to practice kindness, respect, honesty, forgiveness, and more. 

  • Simple, practical dares to exercise your character get pushed to your phone each day
  • Tangible, relatable ways to practice kindness, respect, honesty, commitment, patience, forgiveness, humility, and selflessness
  • A range of difficulties to help build effective habits from the ground up
  • Follow your friends to hold them accountable and encourage them
  • Track your character progress by earning points for each dare you complete
  • Be reminded with daily push notifications
  • Reflect on your experience & read inspirational stories
  • Shareable images and quotes that can be sent directly to your Instagram
  • Live intentionally to be the best leader and person you can be

Best of all, it is free!