CharacterStrong Student Workshop

A day long experience focused on building empathy, connections, and new relationships on a campus or in a region. These full day events are designed to help students PRACTICE kindness, develop perspective, and engage in hands-on activities that help create a culture of care at their school. CharacterStrong Days can be a cross-section of up to 150 students at your school or up to 1,000 students from a surrounding area.


Who should attend?

A diverse mix of students that take into account the diversity of a student body or community. Staff - counselors, custodians, admin, teachers. Local community members - firefighters, police officers, bankers.

What is included?

  • A full day experience that is facilitated by some of the best speakers in the country.
  • Practical exercises that build meaningful relationships and open up profound experiences of empathy.
  • Opportunities for student and community voices to be heard in powerful ways - important conversations that sometimes get overlooked in the hustle of the school year.
  • A full year of follow up using our CharacterStrong Curriculum Supplement.