Staff, Let's Make Kindness Normal!

Dear Staff,

We’ve created 40 weeks of proactive classroom management strategies, relationship building techniques, and character development to put the adults in a building into character action! Many of them are research-backed practices that have a great return on investment. We think about them as “low-burden, high-impact” ways to put a simple, consistent focus on relationships, SEL, and character. Some schools post it weekly in their staff lounge. Some admin send it out in a weekly newsletter. Some teachers create a weekly meeting time where you can get together and talk about how it’s going and create some accountability and support. Choose something that works for you! But here’s what we know: this is one of the BEST ways to start to create buy-in from students because they see you doing the work first!

Download CharacterDares Here
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Advisory Curriculum (MS & HS)

Full school impact through SEL & character education. Our Advisory Curriculum is vertically-aligned grades 6-12 with over 200 powerful, 30-minute lessons focusing on social-emotional skills, character development, and community building. Below are some samples:

Learn More: Middle School Advisory

Grade 6, L11: Growth Mindset – Part One
Grade 7, L03: Introduce the CharacterDare
Grade 8, L17: Empathy – Part One

Learn More: High School Advisory

Grade 9, L03: Personality vs Character
Grade 10, L09: Emotional Intelligence – Motivation
Grade 11, L11: Civil Discourse – Types of Communication
Grade 12, L22: Life List Introduction
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PurposeFull People (K-5)

A character & SEL toolkit for K-5 educators with practical resources, activities, images, and tools to support STAFF, CLASSROOMS, FAMILIES, and the PLAYGROUND.

Here are the 10 traits we are focusing on to start:
  • Courage
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Responsibility
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Empathy

Creating a Safe & Positive School Culture

A 1 or 2 Day
Educator Training

by CharacterStrong

From our experience in over 1,000 schools, we talk about impacting school culture by intentionally weaving social-emotional learning and character into the daily fabric of what we do.

Professional Development

Fast-paced, interactive, and filled with ideas and resources that your staff can put into action RIGHT NOW - it will be a PD day that your campus or district won’t forget!

1-6 hour professional development focusing on our signature CharacterStrong Culture model - a working foundation of clear and common purpose for this work, building and clarifying the competencies necessary for staff and student success, and giving practical and consistent opportunities for the practice of this content so it becomes a part of the daily fabric of your school.

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School Assemblies

Our assembly speaking team comes from a variety of backgrounds - all speaking toward the common theme of “Making Kindness Normal” through their own stories and perspectives. They will share a powerful message with your whole school and then go deeper with a smaller group of students in our signature Kindness Workshop.

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Esteban Gast

Kindness is self-reflection

Consultant, Comedian

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Daraiha Greene

Kindness is inclusion

Advocate, Dancer, Actress

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Parvati Shallow

Kindness is digging deep

Life & Business Coach, Yogi

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Ricky Randle

Kindness is courage

Author, College & Career Coach

CharacterStrong Supplements

A collection of character resources for sustainable change. Character workouts, a sortable activity and video library, Staff CharacterDares, posters, CS swag and more! Simple, practical ways to weave SEL & character into everything we do!

Webinars and Live Trainings

Consistent, free webinars based on FAQs and hot topics

Our most recent webinar with Dr. Clayton Cook about responding to problem behavior. See the resources, the slides, and our previous webinars by clicking below!

Case Studies and Staying Connected

See CharacterStrong in action at a Middle School and High School. We also would love to stay connected and consistently share tools and practices that help build a more positive and safe school culture.

Middle School

Enterprise Middle School has been a champion of our work from day 1 and one of the most successful implementers through their consistent, holistic approach.

Watch Here

High School

Listen to administrators, teachers, students, and others at Harlingen High School share about how this whole thing came to be, the leadership behind successful buy-in, and the results of creating a culture focused on connection, kindness, and character.

Watch Here

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