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A Commitment to Character

To celebrate Character Day 2018 last September, CharacterStrong put a focus on putting Character Into Action. In fact, that is our organization’s mission: to put a focus and emphasis on strengthening the “character muscles” of our students and staff in our schools and communities.

We want to celebrate and honor schools (K-12) that are working to bring the 8 Essentials (Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Selflessness, Forgiveness, Humility, and Commitment) to life by awarding eight schools with a $1,000 scholarship to be used to enhance or build a project that puts character into action and makes a difference. We want to support your dreams and ideas on how to effectively build social-emotional skills, develop character, and teach the Whole Child.

Examples of a project a school might submit:

  • An intentional plan for getting multiple students and groups to collectively greet at the door all year with the scholarship going to purchase speakers to bring energy each day through music.

  • An intentional new idea on how to welcome the new incoming students to your school with the scholarship going to support giving every student a spirit gear item from your school so that everyone can participate in school wide spirit days.

  • An intentional plan to build a feature wall that will highlight students in your building for character accomplishments and a system to highlight individuals who for character choices they make on a daily basis.


The deadline to submit your school’s application is Friday, May 31st, 2019. There is no limit to how many applications a school submits. Submissions can come from any staff member or student that attended the school during this 2018-2019 school year.

8 schools will be selected by our team based on the uniqueness of the described project, how intentional the project is, and a clear articulation of how Character will be put into action through the 8 Essentials.


Thursday, April 24th - Application Opens

Friday, May 31st - Final Submissions Due

First week of September - Winners Announced