What Is The Leadership Curriculum?

This curriculum is a semester-long, servant-leadership, and character development curriculum that has been intentionally designed and time-tested. It is being used by thirty year veterans and first year leadership teachers, providing a roadmap to positively impact student lives and school climate and culture. 

At Sumner High School alone, where this curriculum has been used for the past 10 years, the results are stunning. At a school of 1,400, 1,200 kids consistently show up to Homecoming each year. Each morning, all 5 entrances have students (leaders and non-leaders alike!) holding the door open and wishing people a great morning. The service projects have hundreds of kids volunteering and tens of thousands of dollars raised. Why? Well there is a different way of doing Leadership and we have built a curriculum to help replicate these results on your campus.

What Do The Lessons Look Like?

This sample contains five lessons that will show you the look and feel of the curriculum and teach the the fundamentals of Servant-Leadership. Every lesson is hosted online in a simple-to-use experience and is also available in PDF form to print. A full semester (ninety, 60-minute lessons) of material that help students understand that their relationships with people are more important then the number of people involved in their projects

Lesson 1: The Paradigm (Shift)

A new model to help refocus leadership on relationships & service.

Lesson 2: The Power (Of Influence)

"Leadership is influence...nothing more, nothing less." -John Maxwell 


What if we could make every person on our campus feel safe & loved?


Character is a habit - leaders take time to build habits of kindness.

Lesson 5: THE Promise (AKA Building Trust)

How do we build trust? What are we committed to doing every day?


We want to make sure you have everything you need to present CharacterStrong to your staff, your admin, or your district. Please, don't hesitate to contact us if you need something else or additional information! Below you can download document like the scope and sequence, curriculum overview, and a curriculum breakdown.


A speaker once remarked that he had asked an audience of 6,000 students at a leadership conference in California, “How many of you have had a parent or guardian in the last month ask you the question ‘What did you do for others today?’” No students raised their hands. A month later the same speaker came to Washington State and asked approximately 1,500 students at a conference the same question and only two raised their hands. This question needs to be asked daily to our youth and to ourselves! But if the question must be asked, then there needs to be a curriculum that will teach students ways in which they may answer the question - in positive ways and with examples! That is the purpose of CharacterStrong Curriculums.

The CharacterStrong Leadership Curriculum will:

  1. Teach students strong leadership, character building, and social & emotional skills to better prepare them for life today and in the future. 
  2. Give teachers the opportunity to connect with their students, forming a positive relationship through quality conversations and lessons.

Teaching strong leadership and character skills (SEL) to better prepare students for life today and in the future:

In 2014, Character Lab Research Director Andrew Sokatch gave a TED Talk on the importance of teaching character in education. He states that if we only teach traditional academics to students, we are only providing them with half of what they need to be successful. Sokatch has a sobering yet attainable message regarding the education of today's youth. While test scores and the reading, writing, math, science behind them are important, we are not properly and wholly educating students if we aren't also teaching character. Sokatch argues that character can and should be taught in schools - noting grit, persistence, self-control, courage, and humor, as critical life skills for successful employment, relationships, and citizenship.