The Position:

A CharacterStrong Contracted Presenter will use the CharacterStrong Professional Development slides to train school staff on why, how, and when to implement the CharacterStrong curriculum. CharacterStrong presents transformational professional development that aligns to culture changing work, and our presenters support schools and staff by sharing their knowledge and expertise with educators around the world.

CharacterStrong's Background & Mission:

CharacterStrong is a fast-pace, tech education company that makes PreK-12 digital, social-emotional learning curriculum and offers professional development opportunities to support schools with implementation. There’s currently a team of 17 full-time employees, several part-time employees, and over 30 presenters collaborating to bring this work to life. Our mission is to create a more loving world by equipping educators with tools to teach the critical social, emotional, and character skills necessary to foster a more empathetic, connected, and generous world. In less than 10 years, our aim is to have reached 50 million students and over 2 million educators.

Presenter Responsibilities

  • Facilitating professional development for Elementary and/or Secondary educators.
  • Ensure that schools have a clear line of communication before and after PD.
  • Collaborate with the director of PD to support school and individual needs.
  • Stay current with CharacterStrong PD and curriculum updates.
  • There are opportunities to share new ideas and be a part of spreading a movement throughout schools in the United States (and beyond!)

Role Competencies

  • Superb facilitation and speaking skills
  • Ability to utilize technology to present both in person and in virtual environments
  • Strong social media knowledge and skills
  • Proficient in Google Slides
  • Solid interpersonal skills
  • Once offered a contract, you will need to show or acquire a business license

Pay & Benefits

  • Virtual Staff Meeting (60-90 minutes) = $375
  • Staff Meeting (60-90 minutes) = $500+Travel Option
  • Virtual Half-Day = $750
  • Half Day (Up to 3 hours) = $1,000+Travel Option
  • Virtual Full Day = $1,000
  • Full Day (Up to 6 hours) = $1,500+Travel Option
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