CharacterStrong Presenter Role and Application

Applications are due by 6/30/17

The Presenter Role:

  • A motivated and passionate person looking to make an impact on schools and education.

  • Experience in education and knowledge of the educational field.

  • Naturally gifted speaker/presenter that has experience with facilitation, group debrief, and processing.

  • Comfortable speaking in front of large and small groups.

  • Foundational knowledge of servant-leadership and/or a background in leadership development.

  • Willingness to set up and take down chairs (servant-leadership is practiced in daily life).

  • Ability to deliver 1-5 hour trainings for staff in schools.

 Availability Needs:

  • Need to be available for at least two of the following dates:

    • August 8 in San Francisco, CA

    • August 12 in San Francisco, CA

    • August 13 in Los Angeles, CA

    • August 15 in Richland, WA

    • August 19-20 in Vancouver, WA

    • September 14 in Sedro-Woolley, WA

    • September 29 in Houston, TX

    • November 4th in Houston, TX

  • Flexible calendar during the 2017-18 school year for on-boarding and training.

  • Must be willing and able to travel.


  • Compensation dependent on distance travelled, length of training, and experience of candidate. CharacterStrong will always cover travel expenses.

How To Apply:

1. Please create a video where you speak to the bullet points below.

  • Tell us about who you are and why you are passionate about helping schools.

  • Tell us a short story about a powerful experience related to your passion. 

Please keep the video to under five minutes. Upload the video to a free hosting website (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) and provide the link in the application form. 

2. Please upload a PDF copy of your resume to this DropBox link. Please have the file name follow this format: Fname_Lname_Resume

3. Please complete and submit the questionnaire below. 

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