Thank you for your passion for teaching the Whole Child!
We loved having you at our training.

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As promised, here is your 40 Week Staff CharacterDare! Let’s get to work :)

CharacterStrong Curricula & Professional Development



CharacterStrong PD
1-6 hour professional development focusing on our signature CharacterStrong Culture model - a working foundation of clear and common purpose for this work, building and clarifying the competencies necessary for staff and student success, and giving practical and consistent opportunities for the practice of this content so it becomes a part of the daily fabric of your school.

Fast-paced, interactive, and filled with ideas and resources that your staff can put into action RIGHT NOW - it will be a PD day that your campus or district won’t forget!



Leadership Curriculum - Samples
Our Leadership Curriculum was built in the trenches by a former activities advisor with a focus on character and servant-leadership. 90, 60-minute lessons.

Semester Scope and Sequence
GLE's and Evidence of Learning
Principal Eval and Course Description

Unit 2, L07: My Life of Selfishness
Unit 3, L01: Leadership Defined
Unit 3, L02: Active Listening – Part One
Unit 4, L06: Power vs Influence