Mo Ranch - Follow-up Resources

Thank you for allowing me the time to work with your students this past weekend! The conversations your students had around working hard on doing the small things to make the big things better, left me inspired. I hope the energy and excitement will carry them through the rest of the school year.

As a thanks for spending this weekend with me, I wanted to share some great resources I have that you can take back to your classrooms and implement immediately.

  • Five sample lesson plans from our CharacterStrong Leadership Curriculum which can be used as stand alone lessons which will generate some great discussions in your classrooms. 
  • The CharacterCard, which is the tool I discussed where every week we sit down and create character goals for the week. We create an overall goal for the year i.e. learn five new names a week, hold the door open for 3 of my classes each day etc...we create a new school goal each week and then a home goal. The image attached I sent off to Kinkos or a local print shop and had them make them on 5x7 cardstock.
  • The 40 Day CharacterDare Packet that truly gets kids putting what they are learning into practice. I make sure to let students know they will not be graded on how many they do. The goal is that each day as a class we reflect on the dare prior. If a student did not do it, that's okay, but I do want to know their thoughts about it and I want them hearing how it's going in the lives of their peers. It is a powerful tool and can truly get kids to switch their thumbs. 

CharacterStrong Curriculums

180 days of practical character workouts. Perfect for a 5 minute check in and reflection at the start of class.

A semester long servant-leadership and character development curriculum that can transform a school.

A full year’s worth of 20 minute character development lesson plans with no prep needed.

Educator Trainings

I will be hosting a CharacterStrong training with Houston Kraft down in Dallas on Friday, May 12 and will be in Houston on Saturday, May 13. If you are interested in registering or would like more information you can click this link for more information. Make sure to include the discount code "TASC" in the registration discount space. The registration fee drops from $499 to $349 if it is just one participant that attends or if you plan on bringing 2+ your registration price will drop from $399 to $299 per person. We have found an ideal group to bring to the training would include an administrator, a leadership teacher or ASB Advisor and 1-3 additional movers and shakers in your building like a counselor, coach or other "kid magnets" in the building. We also understand school budgets, so we would love to have just you if that is what works for your school. 

Thank you again for a great weekend, please let me know if you have any questions regarding upcoming CharacterStrong Trainings or Curriculum.