Your CharacterStrong Curriculum Supplement

Hi there! I'm Houston and I'm really glad you've decided to commit to getting CharacterStrong. I really believe that when we take a few minutes a day to think about and provide opportunities for character growth, we make ourselves better people and our school a better place.

We spend so much time every day trying to get better at math and science and history and writing and athletics and activities - why don't we spend 5 minutes a day practicing kindness? Getting better at respect? We don't build positive habits in our life by just hoping or reminding each other that "patience is a virtue," we create habits through consistent, intentional practice. So, let's get to work!

Different Dare Types & Times

Not only are there different levels of difficulty, there are also different dare types and dare lengths. You'll notice in your download there are symbols on the bottom that help give context to the dare. 

The Process of Habit Creation

All habits happen through the same basic, 4-phase process. CharacterStrong is built to create effective habits of love, compassion, and empathy in our life.

Below you will find links to each month of CharacterStrong.

On Your iDevice: You can also get access to all the dares within our iOS app (which if you haven't downloaded, you can find it HERE). After you've downloaded the app, navigate to the "Browse" tab and find the green box at the bottom and enter "careacterpro" and you'll have access to all 32 weeks in your phone with daily reminders sent to you! As my friend John Norlin says, "We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught!"

In the app, you'll be able to browse through all 180 days quickly and see stories from other students and teachers all across the country. You can also keep track of your progress in your profile and follow what people around the nation are up to.

Small Group Activities


Here is a curated list of small group activities and icebreakers. Perfect for student leaders working with small groups.


And that's all there is to it! I very much believe that the more opportunities to DO GOOD we put in front of our students or ourselves, the more likely we are to PRACTICE being GOOD. Let's get to work building thoughtful, real habits of Character and Love in our lives and not just create competent people in school, but compassionate people filled with character to make the world a better place.

My best,