Do you trust me? lesson 5 reminds us that we made a promise to the student body to live like leaders. to have the courage to be different. to earn their trust through our daily choices.

Lesson 5: The Promise (AKA Building Trust)


  • Students will understand how important it is to be consistent in their words and actions. 
  • Students will learn about the value of Trust in Leadership.
  • Students will make a commitment to living into this work on a daily basis.

Opening Activity: Polarized

  1. Have students get into groups of 6-8 people. Have someone volunteer to start - ask them to hand over something of value to them to the group (this could be a phone, a wallet, a sweatshirt, a watch).
  2. lindfold them or have them close their eyes. The rest of the group should hide the item somewhere in the space. 
  3. Instruct them that half of the group will give the correct instructions and half of the group will give the incorrect instructions on how to find the item. Have them silently decide who will take on each role for this round. If the volunteer finds the item quickly, have them select a new person, item, and roles and begin again.


  • How did you decide who to listen to? Did it sometimes feel overwhelming?
  • How we decide who we listen to in our everyday lives? How do people earn our Trust?
  • Why is Trust important? Under what conditions is built and under what conditions is it lost or broken?

Activity: Everybody Dance Now

  1. This activity requires the group to “dance” their way from one side of the room to the other. Set up a start line and a finish line (about 30 feet from one another) and move the whole group to one side. Then, brief the group on the three important rules of the game:
    • Each person must move/dance/walk across the space in a unique way. No repeats!
    •  Only one person crosses at a time.
    • Your challenge starts when you cross the first line and ends when you reach the other.
  2. After explaining these three simple rules, start the music and observe.


  • Some people will choose to go in partners or teams – what does this say about our ability to stand alone as leaders?
  • Some people will repeat a walk/dance – what does this say about our willingness to step out of our comfort zones?
  • Many people will start their walk, realize they are being watched, and scurry to the other line. What does this say about commitment and/or courage?
  • How did the group support the rest of the team? Were they focused on individual success? Or did they encourage and cheer each other on? How do we build trust as a “dancer” and as an “encourager?”


  1. Say: We started this week by switching our thumbs - switching our paradigm to think about LEADERSHIP in a different way. That it isn’t a position of power or a title - it is something we earn from others. We have to build INFLUENCE with the people around us. Power is an ability, INFLUENCE is earned! And it is earned through lots of little choices - little choices that, each of them, have the power to *pinky wiggle* shake the universe. Choices to SERVE people through the 8 Essentials - through kindness, patience, respect, forgiveness, honesty, humility, commitment, and selflessness. To SACRIFICE time and energy and comfort to practice these skills until we become skilled - until we create habits of character in our life. This is how we make people feel LOVE. This is how we make people feel safe and connected and important. This is how we build meaningful relationships. This is how we change our school and our world. And it is all just a great idea or concept until we have the WILL to act on it. Every day. In countless, deliberate, small ways. 
  2. Say: They have done surveys across the country and asked, “What is the number one quality you want in your leaders?” The number one answer? Trust. The people at your school want to trust you - and the only way to do that is to be consistent. To show up to the gym every day. To choose to love people - not based on the way you feel - but based on what you believe. We have to dance and be willing to be different and awkward and sometimes lonely. We have to be willing to do it when no one else will. And most importantly, we have to commit to dancing not just once or twice - but all the time! The students at your school look at you and they are critical and skeptical that you are the real deal. Prove them wrong by showing them relentless, unconditional, LOVE. And then, they’ll trust you to LEAD them.