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As promised, here is the 40 Week Staff CharacterDare!

CharacterStrong Curricula

Professional Development

CharacterStrong PD
1-6 hour professional development focusing on our signature CharacterStrong Culture model - a working foundation of clear and common purpose for this work, building and clarifying the competencies necessary for staff and student success, and giving practical and consistent opportunities for the practice of this content so it becomes a part of the daily fabric of your school.

Fast-paced, interactive, and filled with ideas and resources that your staff can put into action RIGHT NOW - it will be a PD day that your campus or district won’t forget!

Advisory Curriculum


Our Advisory Curriculum is vertically-aligned grades 6-12 with over 200 powerful, 30-minute lessons focusing on social-emotional skills, character development, and community building.

Advisory Curriculum (6-8) - Samples
Grade 6, L11: Growth Mindset – Part One
Grade 7, L03: Introduce the CharacterDare
Grade 8, L17: Empathy – Part One

Advisory Curriculum (9-12) - Samples
Grade 9, L03: Personality vs Character
Grade 10, L09: Emotional Intelligence – Motivation
Grade 11, L11: Civil Discourse – Types of Communication
Grade 12, L22: Life List Introduction

Leadership Curriculum


Our Leadership Curriculum was built in the trenches by a former activities advisor with a focus on character and servant-leadership. 90, 60-minute lessons.

Leadership Curriculum - Samples

Unit 2, L07: My Life of Selfishness
Unit 3, L01: Leadership Defined
Unit 3, L02: Active Listening – Part One
Unit 4, L06: Power vs Influence

LEAD Recaps & Resources

Developing Purpose through Servant-Leadership - @CAREACTER

Quick Recap:

  1. Teach them to do things differently: servant-leadership flips the traditional triangle upside-down! Not “do it or else,” but, “do it and I will meet your legitimate needs.”

  2. Teach them they are influential! The pinky wiggle story reminds us that leadership is influence - and our influence goes well beyond what we can comprehend. Students need practical examples like holding the door or cleaning up trash after games.

  3. Teach them that to lead is to serve: It’s not a question of whether or not you are leading - it’s a question of are you effective and are you using your influence for good or for bad?

  4. Teach them to love: agapè love = unconditional love, not love as a feeling. This means we can love people EVEN when we don’t like them. Loved people, love people.

  5. Teach them that there is no magic dust: this stuff is consistent hard work. It’s showing up at 6:30am and keeping a disciplined focus on the little, relational things through practices like the CharacterDares and CharacterCard.


-Leadership lesson
-Presentation Slides

Keynote: Doing the Small Things in All Things - @JohnNorlin

Quick Recap:

  • The Webby Pledge - Break through conditioned responses.

  • 5 Second sacrifices make all of the difference.

  • People want to do the right thing, they just need someone to do it first.

  • The Pinkie Wiggle - Little actions create big change.

  • As a leader be consistent and predictable in mood and actions.

  • The more you treat people with kindness, the more you will see the good in them.

  • Sometimes those people that are the hardest to give kindness to are those that need it the most.

  • Hurt people, hurt other people.

  • The Pinkie Wiggle - One life touches another and potentially both lives are changed; one life touches another and potentially the entire world is changed.

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