Harlingen students learn social skills through new program [VIDEO]

Incorporating character building in the classroom is how one Valley middle school wants to develop their students.

The program is called ‘CharacterStrong’ for Vernon Middle School in Harlingen.

It’s to create a sense of purpose and develop a stronger personal identity within the students. Monday was Vernon’s first day incorporating ‘Character Strong’ and will be held every Monday.

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Creating a positive school environment with National Stop Bullying Day (Part 1)

WEST RICHLAND, WA - Today is National Stop Bullying Day, also known as Unity Day. This serves as a reminder to all of us - kids and adults - to be kind to each other.

One local school is taking this effort above and beyond throughout the entire school year. Creating a culture of kindness: that is what these guys here in the leadership class at Enterprise Middle School try to do every single day....