Implementation Roadmap Details

The Implementation Roadmap Training will guide school and district level teams through the step by step process of both pre-implementation and active implementation steps. The training will be spread out over ten months and guide teams in how to utilize the Implementation Roadmap Tool to improve implementation outcomes. 

  • 10 Virtual Training Sessions

  • Opportunities will be available for teams to connect in between sessions
  • Sessions are recorded for teams to use afterwards
  • Up to 10 people from a building can attend for each school

Dates & Time

July 21st
August 25th
September 22nd
October 20th
November 10th
December 8th
January 19th
February 23rd
March 23rd
April 27th

Each session will be from 9am-10:30am Pacific Time


Sessions will include:

Session 1: Overview of Implementation Roadmap - Teaming Matters

Session 2: The 5 Guiding Principles

Session 3: The Implementation Roadmap Compass

Session 4: Tailored Coaching

Session 5: Tailored Coaching 

Session 6: Refresher and Share-Outs

Session 7: Tailored Coaching

Session 8: Tailored Coaching

Session 9: Refresher and Share-Outs

Session 10: Next Steps and Celebrations

Tailored coaching sessions are for leaders and leadership teams based on what stage they are on in the Implementation Roadmap. This tailored experience will allow participants to strategically and incrementally make progress towards successful implementation and achieving desired student outcomes of interest.

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