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The Goal: Customizing and Implementing a Plan to Nurture the Well-being and Resilience of Educators in Your School

The Situation: There is an epidemic happening in our schools—that is educators are reporting levels of stress, burnout, and turnover that have not been seen before.

The Need: More than ever before, schools need to prioritize well-being and resilience of educators and be intentional about developing and implementing strategic plans that go about promoting these outcomes from one the most precious resources we have, our educators.

The Solution: Through monthly professional learning meetings, teams of educators from school systems across the country will come together to use a proven process informed by implementation science to:

1. Explore the reasons why

2. Formulate solutions

3. Prepare for and follow through with the implementation of a plan

4. Evaluate it's impact on the well-being and resilience of educators in your system

This training series will go beyond talking about the problem by using the Implementation Roadmap to guide school and district level teams through the step by step process of both pre-implementation and active implementation. The training will be spread out over eight session and guide teams in how to utilize the Implementation Roadmap Tool to achieve outcomes related to increased educator well-being, resilience and professional longevity.

  • 8 Virtual Training Sessions
  • Opportunities for teams to connect with and learn from other teams across the country
  • Sessions are recorded for teams to use afterwards
  • Up to 10 people from a building can attend for each school

Dates & Time

January 18th
February 22nd
March 22nd
April 26th
May 24th
June 21st
(skip July)
August 23rd
September 27th

Each session will be from 8am-9:30am Pacific Standard Time

Sessions will include:

Session 1: Exploration: Identifying Root Causes for Why the Problem Exists

Session 2: Exploration: Generating Solutions to Address the Root Causes for Why the Problem Exists

Session 3: Preparation: Getting Ready & Prepared to Implement a Plan for Staff

Session 4: Preparation: Getting Ready to Gather Feedback and Baseline Data from Staff

Session 5: Initial Implementation: Starting to Deliver Supports to Staff

Session 6: Initial Implementation: Supporting Adults to Improve Baseline Data Points

Session 7: Full Implementation: Continue to Support Adults and Monitor the Impact of the Plan

Session 8: Sustainability: Continuing the Supports for Adults Over Time

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