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General overview



These documents can support a wide range of questions about CharacterStrong as a whole. What are we about? Is there research behind it? I'm excited, but I don't know how to talk to my admin and get them on board!

- How To Approach Your Admin
Building Connections Within Your Building
Five Steps To Transform A School
Research Behind CharacterStrong
- Social Emotional Learning Connections

The CharacterStrong Advisory Curriculum comes in multiple different models so it can be molded to best serve your whole school. Learn more about what it covers and how different campuses have customized it.

- Advisory Implementation Models
- 6th-8th Scope and Sequence
- 9th-12th Scope and Sequence
- Daily Lesson Model Overview
- Detailed Secondary Scope and Sequence

The CharacterStrong Leadership Curriculum includes 90, 60-minute lessons that run a semester-long curriculum class. Student leaders will be transformed personally and do amazing things to the culture of your school.

- Semester Scope and Sequence
- GLE's and Evidence of Learning
- Principal Eval and Course Description

    Sample Lessons


    Have the opportunity to be in front of your admin, peers, or your district to present CharacterStrong? Here are some pre-built slides to help with presentation notes built in so you can speak from the heart while we provide the nuts & bolts!

    CharacterStrong In The News