As the keynote speaker for our conference, Houston Kraft brought an engaging and interactive session that had our participants involved with him and with each other. The emotion in the room was raw and real—and not just because the group was comprised of school counselors! Houston had a great balance of humor, intensity, excitement, compassion, and transparency that kept everyone immersed in the experience from beginning to end. I can’t recommend him enough for your event!
— Lesley Casarez, Ph.D., President of Texas School Counselors Association

Houston Kraft is speaker, facilitator, & kindness advocate.

Houston Kraft has spoken to over half a million people LIVE at over 600 engagements and counting. He is the co-founder of CharacterStrong - trainings and curricula that create more compassionate cultures in schools, organizations, and communities. He has been featured on the Huffington Post and highlighted by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. His messages about character, leadership, compassion, and kindness resonate with audiences age 5 to 95.

I mean this in all sincerity - You are the best Character Education presenter I’ve ever seen or heard. Believe me, I’ve heard thousands of them since 1992. In addition, your materials are terrific. I’m thrilled that there are young guys like you out there. You are the future of Character Education. I can’t put into words how much admiration I have for you, your own character, and your work.
— Dr. Hal Urban, Author of 7 books, Teacher, Speaker

Keynote and Workshop Offerings

Vincent Perez   Vincent Perez currently leads Rethink Manhood, working with men and boys to deconstruct and counter cultural narratives regarding what it means to be a "real" man. Vincent’s practice is rooted in experiential education with a focus on culturally responsive pedagogy, trauma-informed systems, juvenile justice reform, ethnic studies, family engagement, near-peer mentorship and Latinx bilingual leadership. He frequently speaks at schools, facilitates student programs and trains adult staff to better serve their students. As a 20+ year veteran in education, Vincent Perez aims to sustain the integrity, courage, and commitment of children, families, and service providers.

What Gets in the Way of Kindness?
We all know Kindness is a great thing. Perhaps the better question is, “What gets in the way?” A self-reflective and interactive keynote that focuses on closing the gap between beliefs and actions.

To Be Lists > To Do Lists
Convenience is the enemy of compassion. In this personal and heartfelt keynote, Houston talks about his mom’s battle with cancer, our cultural misunderstanding of Kindness, and how to refocus (in a very practical way) our daily pursuit of what’s most important.

Choose Love
An insightful workshop to approach the huge concept of Love in a simple, manageable, habit-forming way. Meaningful conversations with engaging partner activities, powerful paradigm shifts, and a unique way of thinking that takes big ideas and mobilizes them into real, consistent action.

Culture is Behavior: Creating A School No One Wants to Leave
A simple model that any school can use to build purposeful culture including the What, the Why, and the How for effectively teaching the Whole Child. Strengthen current practices (PBIS, MTSS plans) and take your culture to the next level with some of the best, research-based practices available today.

It IS the Plate: Weaving SEL & Character into the Daily Fabric of our Work
Social Emotional Learning and Character aren’t more things on the plate - they ARE the plate. In this resource-packed session, you will learn a simple framework for identifying & closing gaps in school culture, shifting student & staff behavior, and putting an intentional focus on relationships. You will walk away with practical tools like our signature “CharacterDare” for staff/students, a sortable video and activity library, and other relational strategies for sustainable change.

Great Educators S.E.R.V.E.
A 5-part framework that focuses on low-burden, high-impact strategies to weave social-emotional learning and character education into the daily fabric of classrooms and schools.


Houston Kraft was exactly what our conference needed to get people feeling comfortable, connected, and excited to dig into meaningful work! He is dynamic in front of any size group - having worked with us during a general session, a luncheon keynote, and a standing-room only workshop that received nothing but five star reviews. A gifted storyteller that also provides practical resources and tools that our delegates could put to use immediately - Houston is a must-have for your event!
— Dean D’Ambrosi, Vice President of Character.org