Sales Rep




  • The purpose of this role is to convert warm leads into customers for CharacterStrong in the most effective & efficient manner possible.

  • This will be done via consultative phone sales appointments with prospects that have expressed interest in CharacterStrong. The Inside Sales Rep will be responsible for educating & selling the prospect on the product that’s the best fit for their needs.

  • NOTE: This position is full-time and virtual meaning you can work from anywhere. The first 3-4 weeks would be in person in Washington state with a quarterly expectation to be in person for 2-3 days.

What you’ll be doing…

  • Day to day, you’ll be selling on (mostly) pre-scheduled sales calls.

  • 70-80% of these appointments will be booked for you, but sometimes you’ll be responsible for filling the rest of your calendar with appointments.

  • As part of this opportunity, you’ll also be a part of a VERY fast paced and high growth company. You’re getting in at the ground floor of a growing sales team, and will have input and responsibility as we grow the team.



This is For You If

  • You have strong values and character.

  • You’re looking to make an impact on schools and education.

  • You’re tenacious and organized.

  • You’re the top rep at your current company (or at least in the top 5%)

  • You’re great with people – and not afraid to challenge them to be their best

  • You have a strong internal drive to help people through sales of a product you believe in, and hate missing out on potential sales opportunities

  • You are an action taker, you’re good at problem solving and figuring things out on your own with minimal direction… you know how to create your own structured work environment.

  • You are process driven – you don’t just look at a task, but innovate and find ways to improve the entire system

  • You’re coachable. You seek out growth opportunities at any change you get – actively reading and learning from books or courses to get better at your role


What technical knowledge do you need to perform in your role?

  • Required: CRM and sales process experience. Experience with communication tools such as Asana, Slack, Google Drive.




Have you delivered results in a similar role in the past? If so, that’s what we’re looking for.
That being said, feel free to apply even if you don’t “tick the boxes” below. Just be sure to mention that in your application + why we should consider you.


  • At least 3 years of VERY high performance as a sales rep

  • Minimum of $250,000 in sales of any product / service in the past

  • CRM & sales process experience


  • At least 5 years of high performance sales experience (selling $250k+ per year)

  • Minimum of $1M in lifetime sales of any product / service

  • Experience with low ticket, high volume sales (ie. $5k max sales price, 1-2 call close) rather than longer cycle B2B/enterprise sales



Outcomes / Responsibilities

Month 1:

  1. Learn all systems and be well versed in our “Proven Process” to effective in the position

  2. 60 sales appointments booked

  3. 40 total sales appointments completed

  4. 50 Educator Training registrations sold

  5. 20% close rate

Month 2:

  1. 100 Educator Training registrations sold

  2. 50 sales appointments booked

  3. 100 total sales appointments completed (5 per day)

  4. 24% close rate

  5. 5% PD booking on Curriculum sales

Month 3:

  1. 150 Educator Training registrations sold

  2. 50 sales appointments booked

  3. 100 total sales appointments completed (5 per day)

  4. 28% close rate

  5. 10% PD booking on Curriculum sales

Grow into:

  1. Sales Manager

  2. Conference presenting and selling (Optional)


  1. # of Sales appointments completed

  2. Conversion rate (%)

  3. Phone Sales revenue ($)

  4. # of Educator Training Registrations

  5. PDs booked with Curriculum (%)



The Pay

  • Base: Full-time salary ($36,000/year)

  • Commission: 7.5% on sales

  • $25 per apt booked and seat booked for educator trainings

  • $50 per PD booked (Virtual or in person)

  • *1% commission on all leads booked but not closed personally*

Work remotely: save $5k/year in commuting costs and 100+ hrs each year (aka. 2 ½ extra weeks of vacation time)

  • If you’re Average: $100,000/year

  • If you’re Good: $150,000/year

  • If you’re Great: $200,000+/year

All amounts above include your base salary and represent compensation based on your ability to sell.



Culture Fit

There’s currently a team of 5 full-time, several part-time, and over 30 presenters as team members with CharacterStrong working all across the country to bring this work to life.

  • Everyone at CharacterStrong is an “A player.” We have a love for doing great work and want to change the world through Education.

  • It is a growth-oriented group who seek feedback and are given regular opportunities to improve personally and professionally.

  • In less than 10 years, our aim to is to have impacted 50 million students and over 2 million educators through our work.

  • The overarching goal is to “Make Kindness Normal” in the world by teaching the critical social, emotional, and character skills necessary to help foster a more empathetic, connected, generous world.

  • Here are the core service values:

    • I build strong relationships and create CharacterStrong customers for life.

    • I am always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our customers.

    • I am empowered to create unique, memorable, and personal experiences for our customers.

    • I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the CharacterStrong experience.

    • I own and immediately resolve customer problems.

  • Here are the core values we teach and try to live into:

    • Kindness

    • Patience

    • Commitment

    • Respect

    • Forgiveness

    • Selflessness

    • Honesty

    • Humility

How To Apply

Fill out the application below (all fields required).

*You must fill out the application above to be considered for the position. Resumes separate from this application will NOT be considered.

We’ll be accepting applicants until Monday, July 1st at 11:59pm PST.

Have further questions? Send us an email at: contact@characterstrong.com