Building Healthier Bodies and a Healthier World


DAY 1,

One way to practice Humility is to seek opportunities to celebrate others. Tell someone at your local Gold’s Gym today that they are killin’ it and that their work ethic inspires you to work harder. If you’re feeling extra CharacterStrong, exercise Humility by asking someone for their best fitness tip.

Day 2,

Respect is about treating people like they are important. It’s easy to get in the zone, scan in at the front desk, and get to work. Take a moment today to learn TWO Gold’s Gym employee names before you jump into your routine. The folks at Gold’s do their work because they are passionate about healthy living, so you already have something in common! When we take time to learn names, it shows Respect by reminding us every person is worth our acknowledgment.

DAY 3,

Find one opportunity today to be generous with your time, money, or energy. Maybe it’s offering to help spot for someone. Maybe it’s buying a cup of coffee or tea (or maybe a protein drink for a stranger at the gym.) Maybe it’s picking up trash around your local gym or community. Whatever it is, Selflessness is about doing something that is bigger than your own needs or wants.

DAY 4,

On your way to or from Gold’s Gym, pick up the phone and call someone that you don’t always “have time” for. Maybe it’s a grandma, a cousin, an aunt, a coworker, or friend. Call someone and exercise Patience by being present and asking good questions. When we make time for quality conversation and when we spend more time listening than we do talking, we are exercising Patience.

Day 5,


Send a message to a friend or family member asking this question: “What is one way I can be better in our relationship?” Make yourself open to their honest feedback! Only a couple of rules: 1) You can’t get defensive and 2) You have to honor their feedback by committing to some action that will improve the relationship. Honest feedback can lead to huge growth.

Day 6,

Being nice is reactive, while being Kind is proactive. That’s why we have plenty of nice people in the world, but not nearly enough people willing to go out of their way to bring encouragement or positivity to others. Today, write a letter to someone who has had an impact on your life. Not a tweet, not a text - a handwritten letter postmarked with positivity. Explain, in detail, why this person has been important or influential in your life and remind them that they matter. Kindness goes out of its way to bring joy to others.

Day 7,

Did you know that Forgiveness is the character trait most connected to happiness? When we exercise Forgiveness, we help free ourselves from anger. Today, while you are getting your work in at Gold’s, think of someone who needs your Forgiveness. Instead of dwelling on the negatives and the resentment, find at least 3 things that are positive about that person or situation. Over the course of your workout, push out the anger and let in the gratitude. If you are feeling extra CharacterStrong, reach out to that person with a note or word of positivity.

Well, there you have it! A full week of character cardio and (hopefully) you are feeling healthier than ever.

If you want to continue to build a healthy body AND a healthy world, keep hitting Gold’s Gym and learn more about how CharacterStrong can impact your local schools here.