Leadership Lesson: Show and Tell


  • Students will connect leadership lessons they have learned to visual clips.
  • Students will learn other leadership principles from their classmates.


  • Ask students, “What are your thoughts after watching the video?”
  • Ask students, “How does the video relate to what we have been learning in class about leadership?”
    • What stood out to you? 
    • Who in this video showed selflessness? Why?
    • How did the other team show character? 
    • How would you describe Kaylee in one word? Why?

2. Brainstorm:

  • Ask students to take 1 minute and individually write down some of the leadership principles or lessons they have learned so far this year. 
  • Have them turn and share with a neighbor and write down any of the lessons their neighbor has that they would like to include in their brainstorm.
  • Now take 2-3 minutes and have students share out with the entire class the leadership principles they have learned. 

3. Instruction: 

  • Tell students we will be doing “leadership show and tell.” Let them know they will now spend about 15 minutes looking for a video clip that demonstrates one of the leadership principles they have learned about this year. 
  • Depending on the class, you can have them working with a partner to try and find one video between the two of them, or you can have them work individually.
  • Encourage them to search in Youtube, TeacherTube, or Ted Talks for key principles they wrote down during the brainstorming session. 
  • After 15 minutes check in to see if they need more time.

4. Instruction:

  • As students are researching trying to find a video, walk around and help students if they seem to be stuck. Encourage them to search for words like “kindness,” “forgiveness,” “lessons in…,” etc..
  • After 15 minutes, ask the class for a show of hands of anyone who has one video that represents a leadership lesson.
  • If less than ¾ of the hands go up, have them show on their fingers how many more minutes they need.

5. Instruction:

  • Next tell the students they need to write a few sentences summarizing what the video is about, who are the main people in the video, what is the main idea.
  • Then have them write what leadership principle it best demonstrates and how it demonstrates that principle.

6. Instruction:

  • Tell students they will now share their video clips with the class in a show and tell style.
  • Have them come up and find their video clip.
  • Have student show the entire video. 
  • Then have students share out what leadership principle the video displayed and how.
  • As the teacher, you can ask the rest of the class anything else they saw from the video that may demonstrate other leadership principles they have learned.
  • Have as many students come up as time allows to share their videos.