Leadership Lesson: Face-to-Face Part 2


  • Students will practice communicating with someone face-to-face.
  • Students will practice important communication skills in with people in class.


1. Activity:

  • Welcome students and introduce yourself.
  • Tell students today the goal is to practice face-to-face communication so we are going to need to put our phones away for the lesson.
  • Show video: Connected, but alone? (19:48)
  • Ask students,
    • “What are your thoughts on this video?”
    • “Why is it important we talk about this?” 
    • “How does this impact our own lives?”
    • “How will this impact our relationships?”

2. Activity:

  • Today we are going to start off the class by putting our devices away and really practice face-to-face communication.
  • Tell students we are going to do some activities that require us to rip up our cool card and have fun with one another.

3. Activity:

  • Tell students to find someone in the room that has the same color shirt as them, tell them to shake their hand and introduce themselves. (If there are kids that can’t find a partner, go ahead and pair them up with someone else that doesn’t have a partner).
  • Tell them you are going to give them a series of questions that will allow them tohave a conversation with the person across from them. The goal is to be able to talk for at least 30 seconds. The length of time will go up as we go along. 
  • Have the person who slept the longest last night be Person A and the person who slept the least be Person B. 
  • Have Person A answer this question first and, after 30 seconds, have Person B answer next. (Keep track on your phone the length of time, or you can project the time on the board).
    • What has been the best thing that happened to you this year? 
  • Have Person B answer this question first and, after 30 seconds, have Person A answer next. Repeat this back and forth for the following questions. 
    • If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why? What would you want to see? 
    • What is one new talent or skill you’d like to master or learn before the age of 50? Why?
    • What would your ideal job be in the future? Why?
    • What was your favorite show to watch as a child? What is your favorite show now? 
  • Stop them, have them shake hands with their partner and thank them for their time. Have them now find a new partner with someone in the room that has the same number as siblings as them. Again, if someone can’t find a partner, find someone for them. 
  • Have the person who has been in the district the longest be Person A and the person who has been there the shortest be Person B. 
  • Have Person A answer first and then Person B go second. Alternate for each question.
    • What is your favorite subject in school and why? Has it always been your favorite subject? 
    • If someone gave you $250,000 to travel to outer space for 2.5 hours would you? Why or why not? 
    • What is your biggest fear? Why? Do you plan on conquering that fear one day? 
    • What is one goal you have for this year? Why? How do you plan on achieving it? 
  • Tell them to thank their partner for their time and return to their seats.

4. Discussion:

  • Ask students, “How did that feel?”
  • Ask students, “What is one new thing you learned about someone in the room?”
  • Ask students to raise their hands if they talked with someone today that they didn’t know too well before today? 
  • Ask them how that felt? 
  • Ask students, “What do you think happens when we begin to talk to people we don’t know too well?”
  • Ask students, “How does this connect to our role as student leaders?”
  • Tell them we will be doing one more activity that requires we talk to people in our room face-to-face.

5. Activity:

  • You are going to have students go around the room and find different people to share with for each round. This time it can be anyone of their choosing. Make sure that all students have a partner.
  • You will put compliment mad libs up on the board. Have one student determine who will be Person A and one student determine who will be Person B. 
  • Put the mad lib up on the board and give them a few seconds to think about what they will say. 
  • Have Person A face the board and tell Person B the compliment, then have them switch places and have Person B face the board and give a compliment to Person A.  
  • Have them thank the partner for their time and find someone else in the room.
  • Put the next compliment up and do this for 5 more compliments.

6. Discussion:

  • Ask students how that felt.
  • Ask them, “How can we practice this more often?”
  • Ask them, “Why is this important?”