Esteban Gast

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Esteban Gast is an entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur.

Esteban is Colombian, grew up in Puerto Rico and Illinois, and currently lives in LA. He toured as a comedian at the age of 23, taught creativity and design thinking at the college level, co-authored a book on creativity, and was President of a sustainability-focused institute in Panama. He is co-founder of Scriptd, a script database and story platform that elevates underrepresented creators. Most recently, he was the star of the tv show Jungletown, airing on VICELAND. He’s been profiled in WBEZ, Huffington Post, Hollywood Reporter, Brooklyn Magazine and others.

With his background in comedy and his years in the classroom, Esteban is a gifted communicator who loves breaking down complex issues. He has spoken at middle schools, high schools, colleges, corporations, and conferences all over the world about the power of kindness, the importance of storytelling, and how to create a more connected and empathetic world.


Keynote and Workshop Offerings


“The Questions To Ask About Kindness”


Why is it so hard to follow through on the things we want to do? Why do promises fall short or New Years Resolutions fade away? Using humor and his personal story as a first-generation American, Esteban talks about the question we should be asking: what stops us from being the people we want to be?

This talk dives into and celebrates these big questions while continuing to be accessible and relatable for students of all ages. It  offers both silly and serious examples of how to overcome our own selves to create a better world for ourselves, our friends, and our communities. It’s not that people don’t believe in kindness, it’s that actually being kind is a lot harder than it looks. Esteban believes asking what gets in the way is the first step in making kindness normal.

Vincent Perez   Vincent Perez currently leads Rethink Manhood, working with men and boys to deconstruct and counter cultural narratives regarding what it means to be a "real" man. Vincent’s practice is rooted in experiential education with a focus on culturally responsive pedagogy, trauma-informed systems, juvenile justice reform, ethnic studies, family engagement, near-peer mentorship and Latinx bilingual leadership. He frequently speaks at schools, facilitates student programs and trains adult staff to better serve their students. As a 20+ year veteran in education, Vincent Perez aims to sustain the integrity, courage, and commitment of children, families, and service providers.

“Story Matters: How Stories Shape Our World”


       As a Colombian-American kid, Esteban moved to Chicago in elementary school and all of a sudden didn’t see too many people that looked like him on screen. Worse, the ones he saw represented an incomplete part of his culture - to a point that Esteban was ashamed to have the name Esteban. Now as a television personality, comedian, producer, and co-founder of Scriptd (an Entertainment Tech startup) Esteban is focused on telling stories that create mirrors for those in society who don’t see themselves.

In this workshop, Esteban uses engaging and hands-on activities to offer a more expansive approach to storytelling, showing students that everyone can make a difference by the stories they tell. Students will be writing, reflecting, sharing, and connecting - all while thinking critically about the stories they consume and create.

     Students walk away with one big question: If stories are how we shape the world around us, how can we be more intentional about finding and telling better stories in our everyday life? And, in a world where literally everyone has a platform and audience, how can we use that responsibility to have a positive impact?


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