Father's Love Summary:

Opening scene of this powerful movie. A father is fueling up at the gas station when someone jumps in his vehicle and starts driving away. The father fights tooth and nail to get his vehicle back risking his life. Wait till you see why!

Rich Man Summary:

Javier is a man with a wife and two kids who is struggling to find work and make it financially. He has purchased a suit for a big event that is coming up and is feeling bad about the purchase. When his wife comes into the room she teaches him a wonderful lesson about what real “wealth” is.


  • What does the wife say makes the man rich?

Integrity Test Summary:

This shows a man who has his integrity and honesty put to the test, a powerful clip of what happens when you do what is right.


  • What characteristics did the man exemplify? 

Dance Summary:

Father is riding in truck with friend and daughter and when they stop at a convenient store the dad’s daughter asks him to dance with her. His pride prevents him from doing so because of how afraid he is of what his friend will think.


  • What lie is the man believing when he says no to dancing in public?