Karate Kid


The Karate Kid is asked to repeatedly place his jacket on the hook and then remove it. He tires of this routine and thinks it is pointless. What he doesn’t realize though, is that this simple task gave him the perfect form for karate. Like the Karate Kid, sometimes we don’t see the significance in keeping a routine when there isn’t a direct result. Even though we don’t see the significance, both ourselves and others may be impacted. For example, when you consistently smile at someone in the hallway, their entire day may brighten up. The effect of smiling at someone every day for a whole year is much greater than the effect of just smiling at someone every once in awhile, which shows just how important keeping a routine is.


  • Following a routine can be tedious and takes determination. What are some ways in which you can keep yourself accountable and stay motivated to follow a routine?
  • In what areas of your life can following a routine benefit yourself?
  • In what areas of your life can following a routine positively affect others?
  • What is one goal that you can consistently practice in your community or school throughout the year? For example, one goal may be to open the door for five people every day.