You Again: Confrontation Scene


In this clip, Joanna (the girl wearing pink) is confronted by Marni. Joanna had bullied Marni throughout high school, and now many years later is going to become her sister-in-law. Marni wants an apology for all her years of torment, while Joanna doesn’t see the point since that was the past. Additionally Marni, bitter from high school, just successfully ruined Joanna’s engagement to Marni’s brother. The girls are both angry with each other and neither recognize the effects of their behavior on the other’s life. This clip opens a discussion about healthy confrontation and brings to light the lasting effects of one’s actions.


  • Was the confrontation in this clip positive or negative?
  • What is the best way to confront someone?
  • How does your behavior in high school affect the rest of your life and others’ lives?