The Pursuit of Happyness: Subway Scene


In this scene Chris and his son Christopher are trying to figure where to sleep the night after losing their home. Their lives are completely changing for the worse it seems, yet they both manage to keep moving forward by working hard and using their imagination.

Everyday people are faced with challenges. Some are small, while others are life threatening. No matter what the situation is though, the way we look at it and how we react to it determines how it will end and whether it will positively affect the rest of our lives. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can choose how it will affect us. Perspective and attitude are everything.


  • Why was it important that Chris had his son imagine dinosaurs and a completely new world while in the subway?
  • If you were in Chris’ position how would you have turned sleeping at the subway into something positive and more hopeful?
  • When a situation doesn’t go as planned, how do you typically react? Could your reaction be improved or changed in any way?
  • Just like Christopher needed his dad to change the situation, sometimes people cannot find a way to push through their situation alone. In what ways have you inspired someone else to be more positive? In the future what are some ways that you can continue to change people’s perspective and promote a positive attitude?
  • Read this line: OPPORTUNITYISNOWHERE. What did you read? Some people will read “Opportunity is nowhere” while others will read “Opportunity is now here”. It all depends on your perspective. Just like this line we can always see life’s challenges in two ways, one negative and one positive. It just matters on what we’re willing to see and how we react. Next time a bad situation comes, will you chose to look at it and see opportunity nowhere or will you change your attitude and see that opportunity is now here?