The Blind Side


At a lunch, Leigh Anne’s friends heckle her for bring Mike into her home. She then sets them straight defending him and stating that he has changed her life. This clip sparks discussion about the importance of serving others with love, no matter the circumstances, and about how helping others can positively impact oneself.


  • Why do you think that Leigh Anne insists on helping Mike (a homeless boy), even though her friends suggest that it is a bad idea? What was her motivation behind helping him?
  • What does she mean when she says “he’s changing me”? How have you been impacted by helping others in your school or community?
  • Mike initially denied that he was in need of a place to stay. Sometimes, those in need of help aren’t always able or willing to reach out to others. How can we create a safe environment where those in need of help feel comfortable reaching out to others?
  • In the movie, Leigh Anne takes in a boy that she just saw on the streets, without really knowing him. How can we serve others, especially people that we do not know too well and how can we encourage others to do the same?