Two brothers left their home and parted ways independently decided to fight in MMA. Fight after fight, they end up meeting in the finals, having not seen each other for years. Tommy, played by Tom Hardy, has his shoulder dislocated by his brother, yet continues to fight.

Tommy hides his weakness and pain, and is unwilling to give in – Brendan, the brother who is winning, puts him in a chokehold. Despite all the pain they are both going through, he whispers, “I love you” to his brother, and at that moment, Tommy taps out.

Unique aspects of leadership are demonstrated in this clip. Often times we see leaders and emotionally strong and stable people, who help build up those around them. Yet, as this movie shows, often times we are in both positions at once; people with weaknesses that must still support those around us. Brendan was filled with just as much pain as Tommy was, but when he accepted his weaknesses, he was able to guide his brother to a place of acceptance as well.

We must embrace and accept our weaknesses and imperfections in order to help support and build up those facing similar challenges.


  • How did Brendan’s actions display leadership qualities?
  • What could the fight in the MMA match represent as a leader?
  • Is it easy to embrace our insecurities? When could doing this be helpful as a leader?