Sara Tucholsky- Sportsmanship


In a college softball game, Sara Tucholsky hits the first home run of her life, but as she rounds first base, her ACL tears and she is unable to run any further. If a pinch runner had been put in for Sara or if she had gotten help from her teammates, her home run would be called a two-run single. Two players from the other team pick Sara up and carry her around the bases, resulting in the loss of the game for them. Their only reasoning behind their unprecedented actions was that Sara deserved it. This act of kindness was about more than the win or loss; loss; they felt that helping Sara was the right thing to do. They put their own wishes aside in order to help another, showing true leadership.


  • How did the two players from the other team show leadership?
  • What can you do help others when they are struggling?
  • The girls obviously didn’t know they would get on ESPN for their actions, their only motivation was to help someone because it was the right thing to do. How can you translate this into being a leader at your school?