This is the amazing story of Jessica Cox, a woman born with no arms. With the support of her parents and her refusal to think of herself as a victim, Jessica has conquered not only the everyday challenges that life throws at her, but also playing the piano, flying a plane, and now motivational speaking. Jessica travels around the world reminding us that the limitations that we see in front or ourselves are mental. If we have the determination and the drive, we can accomplish anything. Jessica especially strives to be an inspiration to people that have disabilities, as she was once greatly inspired by a grown woman with no arms, who led a very “normal” life.


  • How does our attitude affect our actions?
  • How can you break down the mental blocks that may stop you from accomplishing a goal?
  • How important is it to refuse to see yourself as a victim? Or refuse to see others as victims?
  • How can we use the skills/mindset that Jessica is teaching in leadership around the school?