Never, Ever Give Up


Arthur, a veteran, could hardly walk due to poor health conditions. Ten months later and he now can walk, run, and do complicated yoga moves, despite people’s predictions.  He did not give up.   

How many times do we pursue something, whether it is a leadership position, a sports team, or another personal definition of success, and someone in our life tells us we cannot do it? Do we listen to them? Do we believe what they said is true and go on our life never chasing after our goal? Our lives are made up of small agreements, “truths” that we have established for ourselves: “We can do this”, “we can’t do that”, “we’re good at this”, and “we aren’t good at that”. The reality is, as leaders, we cannot live with this agreements in our lives. In order to make a difference in this world, we will have to do things people say are impossible. We must always remember that anything we are passionate about is possible!


  • Was Arthur’s journey easy? What made it so successful? Did he reach his goal, or even go above and beyond?
  • How did the yoga instructor help Arthur reach his goal? How can we do something similar for those around us?
  • How does Arthur’s struggle relate to leadership?
  • What is something you’ve done that you, or others, thought was impossible? How did you feel accomplishing that? What did others do to help you reach that point?