Tim's Place: Service with a Smile


Tim Harris is the owner of the restaurant “Tim’s Place: Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs”. Tim is the only person in America with Down syndrome to own a restaurant. Starting every day with a dance on his way into work, Tim’s joy is contagious and evident, particularly through the restaurant's speciality: his famous hugs. He always focuses on hugging those around them with the mindset that love is more important than the food he is serving. Despite his disability, he succeeded in following his dreams of being a restaurant entrepreneur, while also managing to be a special Olympics athlete (winning more medals than Michael Phelps). Tim’s joy and accomplishments are inspiring.


  • Listen to how many times Tim says, “I love you”. The majority of those times were to complete strangers! How can you demonstrate kindness and love to those around you?
  • How does Tim create a safe environment that people enjoy being in? How can you do the same in your school?
  • Tim ends the video saying, “I do not not let my disability suppress my dreams.” How can you overcome challenges to achieve your dreams? What role does joy play?