How Great Leaders Inspire Action


In this 18 minute Ted Talk, Simon Sinek explains the importance of starting with the “why” using Apple, Martin Luther King Jr, and the Wright Brothers as examples. He begins with the golden circle model, which is  used to determine how people inspire. Comprised of three circles in one, it represents how people attempt to inspire. Working from the inside out, the circles are labeled as why, how, and what. While most companies, initiatives, groups, and people focus on WHAT they do, the WHY is constantly overlooked. It is the why, however, this is vital to inspire others. Sinek explains that “people don’t follow what you do, but why you do it.” The resulting action is merely proof of your belief. 


  • What’s your mission statement? For life? For school?
  • How does Sinek explain when others are able to achieve things that defy assumptions?
  • How can you embody the “golden circle” within your school?
  • What does Sinek say about the difference between “those who lead” and “leaders”?