Anthony Robles


Anthony Robels was born with one leg and now is a National Champion in Division I College Wrestling. He is now receiving an award for perseverance. This clip features his mother explaining his story of overcoming the odds and rising above what other expected of him. While accepting the award, Anthony thanks his mother for pouring into him and for teaching him to never let what he cannot do interfere with what he can do. This clips features perseverance both of Anthony and his mother.


  • How did Anthony overcome his fear and disability?
  • Anthony says: “It is not what is, but what can be that measures worth.” How does this quote apply to leadership?
  • After receiving the award, Anthony pays tribute to his mom for empowering him. Who in your life do you have to thank for helping you reach your goals?
  • What limitations are you putting on yourself that are making it a challenge to reach your goals?