Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do


In this scene from Lost, John is told that he cannot go on the African safari trip that he’s been planning to go on because he is in a wheelchair. John insists that he is still capable of going on the trip, but is rejected. It’s common for people to feel held back from their dreams due to physical or mental barriers. Sometimes people simply just don’t feel “good enough”. Other times they are told that they’ll never be able to accomplish their goal and discouraged by others around them. Unfortunately this often causes people to give up early on their dreams or not even try at all. This clip aims to help people to realize that they are always capable of doing much more than they initially think.

Warning: light use of foul language


  • John refused to believe that he wasn’t capable of going and believed in his own ability. Do you think that his mindset is one that more people should try to have?
  • Do you believe that it’s easier to be motivated to do something or discouraged from doing something? Why?
  • Why is it easy for people to become quickly discouraged? What factors can negatively affect a person’s motivation and what can positively affect their motivation?
  • Have you ever been discouraged from pursuing something?
  • Think of people you know who have accomplished or are pursuing their dreams. What characteristics and personality traits do they possess that you think allow them to be successful?