In this video, a boy who appears to be of about middle school age and has red hair is repeatedly picked on by a group of three older and bigger students making fun of him, saying things like, “I bet his only friend is his mom,” and calling him Red. Another young man who had been witnessing these incidents stands up for the red-headed boy by dying his own hair red and silently sitting behind him, driving the bullies away. The purpose of this video is not that you should copy the appearance of someone being bullied and that will make everything better, but rather that it doesn’t even take words to deter bullying, it can just be you standing by a victim and being a friend.


  • Why do you think the bullies backed off when the basketball player dyed his hair?
  • What was the statement the basketball player made by dying his hair?
  • If you witness someone being bullied, how can you make a similar statement without even going as far as the character in the video?
  • If preventing bullying can be so simple, why does it continue to happen?