How to Combat Staff Fatigue

Self-care leads to effective other-care. Healthy staff members have a healthy relationship with themselves and others. This webinar will focus on ways schools can support their staff with easy to implement tools, strategies, and activities that can put a focus on self-care in a profession that is asked to constantly focus on others.

The CharacterDare Process

Learn about the signature process CharacterStrong uses in its secondary curricula to meet students right where they are at through a process that is both engaging and relevant. CharacterStrong intentionally brings social-emotional learning and character development together to focus on the whole child. Discover how schools are using the CharacterDare process to create safer more inclusive classrooms and schools.

How to Build a Common Language with Your Staff

Learn how building a strong common language as a staff has tremendous impact on your school’s climate and culture. This webinar will focus on the CharacterStrong Circles of Culture and how schools can increase clarity, competence, and consistency in supporting the social emotional needs of its students and staff.

CharacterStrong Professional Development:

We have several options ranging from 60 min sessions to full days that cover our The CharacterStrong Culture model - a working foundation of clear and common purpose for this work, building and clarifying the competencies necessary for staff and student success, and giving practical and consistent opportunities for the practice of this work so it becomes a part of the daily fabric of your school. If you’d like to learn more about having us come to your school click learn more below.

CharacterStrong Educator Trainings:

This training delivers the best inspiration, practical tools, and systems we've seen or developed that create great culture. We know that you have a lot on your plate, so we provide a framework, resources, and a step-by-step process to weave character, relationship-building, and SEL into what you are already doing.

Our promise: You will go back to your role realigned with your purpose and prepared to create a community of staff and students who care about their work, their education, and each other.

CharacterStrong for Middle and High School: Weaving SEL, Character Ed, and Relational Strategies together to Create a School Culture that Cares.

CharacterStrong Advisory Curricula for Middle Schools and High Schools is serving schools internationally with lessons that are vertically aligned 6-12 grade, built by educators for educators, web based, and built to be plug and play with little to know prep needed for educators to implement. Learn more about this engaging and relevant curricula for secondary students.

Enterprise Middle - A Case Study on a CharacterStrong School

In 2018 Enterprise Middle School won the Washington State ASCD Whole Child Award due to their intentional approach to building an Award Winning Culture. On this webinar, members of the Enterprise Middle School Team will share what the key steps have been to successfully building a strong foundation where students, staff, and families are excited to say they go to Enterprise.

Effectively Responding to Problem Behavior with Dr. Clayton Cook

As much as we want to be proactive with behavior supports, the majority of the time it is how we respond to behavior that matters most. The number one way to teach strong social-emotional learning skills and character development is to role model it ourselves. Learn about a researched backed method to implement as a staff to keep a focus on healthy relationships, even in difficult situations.