Write a story, take a picture, or make a video of how you or your schools is putting #characterinaction.
Use the hashtag, tag us, and you could win CharacterStrong shirts, stickers, or even a registration to an upcoming CS Educator Training!


Day 1 - Kindness

Character Day 2018! Houston challenges everyone to put #characterinaction for the next 8 days. First up? Kindness. Watch as Houston walks the street near where he lives to try some awkward compliments.


Day 2 - Honesty

John gets asked "Truth or Dare" in a really cute way to practice Honesty.

Day 3 - Selflessness

Today, Houston creates some Selflessness sandwiches.

Day 4 - Forgiveness

Today's #characterinaction looks like Forgiveness - the character trait most connected to happiness! Lindsay breaks Forgiveness down for us in an exercise of self-care.

Day 5 - Patience

Patience in action! Today, John actually sits still for 20 minutes (which, if you knew him, is a supreme exercise of Patience!)

Day 6 - Humility

Character Day 2018 has propelled us into an 8 day workout and today's #characterinaction had Houston getting humbled. Just wait until the end for a good laugh.


Day 7


Day 8