looking forward to cada 2019

Join us in Oceanside or Sacramento on December 4th for our
1-Day CharacterStrong Training in partnership with CA ASCD!


As promised, here is your Staff characterDare - a practical strategy to directly impact culture & climate in your building.

Click below for our 40 Week Staff CharacterDare!

CharacterStrong Curricula



CharacterStrong in Oceanside & Sacramento!
We will be hosting our signature 1-Day Training, "Building A Positive & Safe School Culture," in Oceanside, CA and Sacramento, CA on December 4th, 2018!

Join us for our full day model that goes in-depth on weaving character, social emotional skills, and a focus on relationships into your classroom and campus culture.

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ADVISORY Curriculum


Our Advisory Curriculum is vertically-aligned grades 6-12 with over 200 powerful, 30-minute lessons focusing on social-emotional skills, character development, and community building.

Advisory Curriculum (6-8) - Samples
Grade 6, L11: Growth Mindset – Part One
Grade 7, L03: Introduce the CharacterDare
Grade 8, L17: Empathy – Part One

Advisory Curriculum (9-12) - Samples
Grade 9, L03: Personality vs Character
Grade 10, L09: Emotional Intelligence – Motivation
Grade 11, L11: Civil Discourse – Types of Communication
Grade 12, L22: Life List Introduction



Our Leadership Curriculum was built in the trenches by a former activities advisor with a focus on character and servant-leadership. 90, 60-minute lessons.

Leadership Curriculum - Samples

Unit 2, L07: My Life of Selfishness
Unit 3, L01: Leadership Defined
Unit 3, L02: Active Listening – Part One
Unit 4, L06: Power vs Influence