CADA 2018

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The 3 Conversations
You Must Have

Quick Recap

  1. Nice is Reactive, Kindness is Proactive. We must intentionally practice Kindness daily.

  2. Humility + Helpers = Involvement. If you want people to show up to your projects, make them feel important in the PROCESS. People support what they help build.

  3. Everything = Nothing. Sometimes it’s better to do one thing really well consistently than it is to spread yourself too thin. To not get overwhelmed, constrain your brainstorm using the targeted impact model.


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A New Definition of School Spirit

Quick Recap

  1. “Culture goes much deeper than a mission statement. It is how group members actually behave, repeatedly and habitually.” -James Hunter

  2. Culture exists in three circles: Clarity, Competence, and Consistency. Oftentimes, campuses have 2 of the 3, but that leaves us with a few problems

    1. A Culture of No How: We know what is important and we see/talk about it often, but the staff or students don’t have the skills to bring the vision to life. It is a culture that is busy, but not productive.

    2. A Culture of No Why: We teach a lot of skills, we talk about our culture often, but there is no deep buy-in or clear, unifying purpose. It is a culture that is busy, but not passionate.

    3. A Culture with No When: Inspiration doesn’t mean application. A big message with little follow through is like going the gym ONCE. It is a culture of inconsistency - a culture of good ideas, but no habits.

  3. A CharacterStrong Culture is when all three intentionally intersect. We do this by creating deep purpose in students and staff, teaching the competencies required for compassion and connection, and creating simple, practical ways to consistently weave these SEL and character conversations & skills into the daily fabric of our classrooms and campuses.


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The Question that's
Not Getting Asked

Quick Recap

  1. Leadership is all about relationships. We MUST put our focus here on the little interactions and the big things get better!

  2. *Wiggles Pinky* Leadership is about influence. Legacy is about creating a new normal at your school - without people even knowing it was you years later! Erik Swanson started cleaning up the trash and, years later, hundreds of schools nationally have followed suit. Will your students join in?

  3. “What Are You Doing For Others Today?” We must, implicitly and explicitly, ask the question that’s not getting asked to our students - particularly our student leaders!


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