Safe vs Supported

I was at a school recently that had just gotten their results back from a school climate and student safety survey they had done. The principal said one of the things that stood out was that 9 students who had self-identified as LGBTQ said they felt safe on campus, but not supported. It would be easy to dismiss it, but this principal was excited about opening up the conversation. His plan? Invite them to lunch and ask how they could better feel supported on campus. (Novel idea, right? To ASK what people need. Sometimes, we miss the easy stuff!)

It reminds me of the difference between tolerance, acceptance, and love. I can tolerate you (make you feel, at the bare minimum, safe on campus), but that doesn’t mean I accept you or understand you or will take time to care for you (make you feel support and belonging). There’s a difference - and an important one!

What do you do on your campus to make people feel safe? What do you do to make them feel supported?

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Houston Kraft is a professional speaker, leadership consultant, and kindness advocate who speaks to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and businesses across the country. He has spoken to nearly a half a million people nationwide at nearly 500 events and counting.