Lesson 6: CharacterDare Reflection Day


  • Students will reflect daily upon their own character and identify ways they could improve it.


  • Ask students to turn and talk with their neighbor and discuss the previous dare(s) by answering the Truth or Dare prompt. Truth - What do you think about this weeks dares? or Dare - Reflect on your experience with this week's dares. 
    • Using either random cold calling or asking for volunteers, ask students to share their truth or dare reflections. Encourage when appropriate and take advantage of any teachable moments, especially when a student shares a struggle.
    • Remind students that it is not about being perfect, or even doing all of the dares, but rather about striving to improve character by intentionally practicing these dares.
  • Introduce the next daily CharacterDare.
  • Answer and clarify any questions about the dare as well as tweak any of the dares to fit the students’ lives if one does not seem to specifically fit your school situation. All dares can easily be morphed into something that connects to the students’ lives.


  1. After having the above discussion with students, tell them, “Today is a CharacterDare Reflection Day, which means that you will be doing a written and verbal reflection on how the dare process has been going for you, as well as getting an opportunity to go back and choose to do any dare over again that you have not done or want to improve on.”
  2. Tell students that they have 5-7 minutes to reflect on the questions that are in the reflection dare slide.
  3. After students have finished, ask for some verbal reflections on how students have been doing with the challenges.
  4. Next, have students go back through their notebooks and pick any dare that they have already been introduced to and then focus on it for the next 24 hours.
  5. Ask for various students to share out the dare that they chose to focus on.
  6. Explain the Reflection Sheet - that students can track their progress in their notebook or can print these out weekly to maintain a log.