Post-Training Administrator Road Map

We want to make our training as digestable and practical as possible. So, here is your first reminder and action item!

The Paradigm Shift: Leadership is all about…RELATIONSHIPS. Leadership defined in one word? Influence. This challenges the age-old saying that leaders are born. Leaders are MADE! Which means any member of your staff or any student at your school is capable of effective, powerful, positive leadership. We must teach leadership to every person on our campus so we can put the focus on the little things (one on one relationships) so that the big things (climate and culture) improve.

We must fight back against the message that our culture promotes, “It’s All About YOU!” by intentionally asking the question that’s not getting asked. “What did you do for others today?” must be asked directly and indirectly in our schools, daily.

The real definition of school spirit is creating a place where people feel valued, loved, and important. A place where students and staff want to come to school instead of have to. When we own this, it requires all of us to up our game.

Switch your thumbs.

Action Item: One of the most high-leverage, research-supported ways to promote relationships at your school is the Four At the Door strategy. The data shows there is, on average, 20% more active engagement in average, hour-long class when done consistently. Remember: Eye to eye, name to name, hand to hand, and heart to heart. Built into the routine is an entry task for students to do right as they come in. This is also a great opportunity to reset with a student outside of the classroom before they walk in.

A 6-12, vertically aligned advisory curriculum with 30 minute character development lesson plans - no prep needed.

A semester long servant-leadership and character development curriculum that can transform a school.

180 days of practical character workouts. Perfect for a 5 minute check in and reflection at the start of class.

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