"When We Teach The Whole Child, The Whole School Benefits."

More than a curriculum - it's a culture.

The research shows that when a school takes time to cultivate a culture of character and develop social-emotional skills, grades go up and bad behavior goes down. It makes sense - when kids feel safe and supported, they perform better and WANT to be there. When students learn the value of kindness, service, and empathy, they don't just walk out of school being competent at math and science - they walk away being capable, compassionate people. And couldn't we use a few more of those around?

6th-12th grade vertically aligned, weekly 30 minute character development lessons with no prep necessary.

A semester-long servant-leadership and character development curriculum that can transform a school.

180 days of practical character workouts. Perfect for a 5 minute check in and reflection at the start of class.

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Our success in this world all depends on the strength of our relationship with others. CharacterStrong aims at teaching students how to be more successful in relationships by learning how to build influence through servant-leadership. The goal is that each day your students leave your class, they will be left thinking “What could I do to serve others today?’